I gladly announce the release of a new music album, live recorded in the frame of a Summer tour across dance festivals. Featuring a number of talented musicians, APFELSAFT is our latest contribution to the dance community and we all hope it will enrich your studio time, dance classes and movement-based creative research.



Once, my friend Barnaby Tree wrote a poetic set of instructions to mindfully consume a piece of media we wrote together. I’ll propose his text here once again, since I couldn’t better express it myself:

“The music was made in response to and for the dance. The recordings are rough and could be considered unfinished. What completes them is the relationship to dance. We hope that they will be useful and inspirational for further live exploration. With this in mind we often allowed for time in the recording, time for things to evolve, transform or disappear.

Please feel free to play with the order and the volume according to your needs. A small change in volume can completely change the impact of any music. Here is music as a driving force, as holding ground, as a continuity, a reminder, a door or protection, a mad dance and a laugh or as the introduction to a deep and rich silence.”



The name Apfelsaft (apple juice) came to me with remarkable clarity several months before. Only later, while touring I had chance to experiment with a device in order to interact and make music with plants ( see Alex making music with plants here). The process of playing with that apple tree reminded me of the importance of slowing down in order to better listen.



Several months later, the chapter is closed and I peacefully release this work, like a little birth, a tiny drop into an ocean of mixed medias. You can consider buying the album to help me covering the mixing and post-production-related expenses, which took three months of work.

Here is a fresh link to the album



The biggest thank you goes to Barnaby Tree, Charlie Raubel, Romain De Mesmay, Pipaluk Supernova and Klaus Donarski, who supported the Apfelsaft Project with their music and gave me new chances to learn, grow and be confronted with the idea of music as a dialogue.

Another sign of gratefulness goes to the supporters of this album, the fellow dancers friends who pre-ordered the album before its production.

Thank you to to the festival organizers and venues that provided a frame for dance and music to meet. It’s been great to perform at the CmC Festival, Freiburg Festival, Touch & Play, Nowtopia and Metamorphosis.

Lastly, my gratefulness goes to Becky Sloan and Joseph Pelling for the Cover art image, which tributes their mini-series called Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared, which I warmly recommend to watch.