Compost Camp/Punk

The Compost Camp/Punk project was born in 2021 as a social experiment arose from a need to connect with and through music.

In a world that is turning more virtual and less intimate, and with the awareness that through the pandemic a societal shift has been set in motion in a yet illegible way, some of us felt the urge to reframe the cultural premise and remind each other that despite the necessity of physical distancing to contain the COVID-19 pandemic, we also need collective experiences in order to thrive.

As musicians, many of us did not have enough chances to gather around our instruments and play as we used to do before 2020. In a similar way, cultural happenings, concerts and artistic gatherings have been discouraged and deprioritized as non essential activities, redirecting the audience towards online consumption.

With Compost Camp/Punk there is a wish to share with an audience the intimacy and vulnerability of the process of musically getting together as well as provide fellow musicians a platform to engage and collectively dive into the practice, in the form of a co-structured residency program in a forest studio near Berlin.

Each time guest musicians musician are invited to join for a weekend-long residency at the studio-house in order to work on specific aspects of music and performance-making.
At the end of the experience, an audience is invited by joining a public performance in the studio or at the outdoor garden stage.

So far the following musicians have contributed to the project:

Ali Caglar Erdogan, Barnaby Tree, Malika Alaoui, Pouria Solhjou, Eren Paydaş, Romeo Natur, Lorenz Mase, Gabor Hartyani, Karthik Rajmohan, Alex Zampini…