Dance Films

Un passage

After long enough time I had the chance to collaborate with the brilliant Kazuma Glen Motomura and shoot this short dance film. Within a few hours the idea was born, recorded and put together. Click here for more information about the process.



Between the Lines
Ana Jordao is a contemporary dancer and acrobat from Portugal. I’ve met her during a residency in Belgium and since then we became a good team. This short movie has been shot in an abandoned building near Berlin and it embodies the essence of Ana’s piece, also called Between the Lines.

-Primomaggio Festival, Verona, Italy (2015)
-Emergent Festival, Berlin, Germany (2015)
-Screenmotion Festival, London, England (2015)



Serpentine: chronicles from the underworld

This short film was shot in Latin America within the frame of the Rroots Project, an artistic investigation around the theme ‘invisible’, in which the collaboration with the local community and the exploration of the chosen concept trough different medias and approaches were at the core of the creative process.

With: Maria Rutanen, Hernan Cassiodoro, Jazmin Ortiz Ares