Dance Films


An improvisation session with Katja Mustonen and Paolo Cingolani inspired by our work-in-progress piece Seven Lands.


INSTANT ENLIGHTENMENT – a pseudodelic perspective on fake gurus (2019)

In recent times of political tension, inspired by the social dynamics which allow fundamentalist beliefs to rise, I’ve been questioning the role of the so­called “dispensers of truth” and their impact on the collective.

Using the concept of fake guru as a poetic trail, I invited performance artists from different backgrounds who I met along the way to embody different phases of the process in a series of site-specific improvisations.

More information about the project and film here




As I had the chance of collaborating with Kazuma Glen Motomura, together we produced this short dance film. It’s been quite a blitz-process, since within a few hours the idea was born, recorded and put together.

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Ana Jordao is a contemporary dancer and acrobat from Portugal. I’ve met her during a residency in Belgium and since then we became a good team. This short movie has been shot in an abandoned building near Berlin and it embodies the essence of Ana’s piece, which is also called Between the Lines.




Short teaser of a dance-theatre piece on the concept of ‘planned obsolescence’ by Aude Fondard and Johannes Bruhn.


WEAVE (2013)

At the end of September 2013, fifty professional dance, theatre and performance artists from across the globe came together for one week in a huge abandoned factory building in Brussels. They met and formed a temporary community within which they played, questioned, and performed together in order to explore the interaction of improvisation and community.

The precious collaboration with Bea Uhart made this movie-project possible.

Film: Alex Zampini
photography credits: Bea Uhart






This short film was shot in Latin America within the frame of the Rroots Project, an artistic investigation around the theme ‘invisible’, in which the collaboration with the local community and the exploration of the chosen concept trough different medias and approaches were at the core of the creative process.

With: Maria Rutanen, Hernan Cassiodoro, Jazmin Ortiz Ares