Direction of Photography

Over the years I had the chance to collaborate with Mischa Badasyan, a Russian performance artist and activist based in Berlin.Our collaboration started in 2014, and since then I supported him in the creation of most of his films as director of photography as well as camera operator.


During the Save the Date project, Mischa had sex with a different stranger everyday for one year, aiming to explore the cultural non-places, sex as consumption and ultimately, the feeling of emptiness, so pervasive in today’s hookup culture.

With the art research Touch, the emphasys is put on social touch, the need of tactical contact to get in touch with others and the consideration of this approach in postmodern society.

‘Body contact is also the best evidence proving that we exist. People always needed tactility and connection with others. Touch is the key tool of cognition. You can see our way to communicate in society as a social touch that automatically turns it into a political discourse.’


PRISTINE from Mischa Badasyan on Vimeo.

SKIN HUNGER from Mischa Badasyan on Vimeo.


LOVERS from Mischa Badasyan on Vimeo.


HIM from Mischa Badasyan on Vimeo.


LET GO from Mischa Badasyan on Vimeo.