EBBE is out!


Last week I gave a concert at the Kraft Der Stille meditation retreat in a pristine venue by the Fahrlander See in Potsdam.

As I got there in the morning people were still in noble silence, consuming their breakfast in stillness. After two days of activities, the retreat came to an end and I had chance to close the circle with my electro-acoustic live setup. By then, the energy shifted quite a bit as people got ready to dance it out.




I didn’t come with a plan to let things organically unfold, and they eventually did. Together, we traveled the sonic spectrum, shifting from contemplative acoustic minimalism to more raw dancy tunes towards the end. The gig became a celebration, ending with a 25-hands-massage-on the musician as a sign of thakfulness.



On that night I listened to the recordings and decided to make a small EP out of it, naming it EBBE.

Ebbe is an improvisation-based album recorded during a concert under a weeping willow tree during the brightest days of the year.

The German word EBBE stands for ‘low tide’.
Tides are the rise and fall of sea levels caused by the combined effects of the gravitational forces exerted by the Moon and the Sun, and the rotation of the Earth. During a low tide, the sea is at its lowest level and its depths become more visible.

Aware that at some point the tide will rise again, I now contemplate the marine treasures, the crabs, shells and sand patterns before they’ll disappear.


You can listen to the album preview HERE

And if you like, you can pre-order a digital copy EBBE by sending a mail to zampini.alex@gmail.com andI’ll get back to you with the instructions on how to download the album.

For that, I’ll ask a contribution between 5-15€ to cover the production costs.


Enjoy the listening,