HOGWASH album is out

HOGWASH – live at CmC festival

We proudly announce the release of the album HOGWASH, recorded  live at the Contact Meets Contemporary dance festival in 2017 by Alex Zampini and Barnaby Tree.

This was our first collaboration and I am very honored to have shared the stage with a musician like Barnaby. The process has been enriching in many ways, from the creation of the music material at the festival – completely improvised and inspired by the many dances that were happening in front of our eyes- to the post production phase, which consisted in many hours of listening, selecting, cutting, mixing, ice-creaming…. Also we could better get to know eachother, which has been one of the most gratificating aspects of the process.


The music was made in response to and for the dance. The recordings are rough and could be considered unfinished. What completes them is the relationship to dance. We hope that they will be useful and inspirational for further live exploration. With this in mind we often allowed for time in the recording, time for things to evolve, transform or disappear.

Please feel free to play with the order and the volume according to your needs. A small change in volume can completely change the impact of any music. Choose the random option. Here is music as a driving force, as holding ground, as a continuity, a reminder, a door or protection, a mad dance and a laugh or as the introduction to a deep and rich silence.

Dedicated to the helpers who worked through three days of constant rain so we could continue to dance. We saw them barefoot in the mud all dressed in smart blue bin liners.

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Listen to the album for free by following THIS LINK.

If you wish to order a downloadable digital copy of the album, write to us – zampini.alex(at)gmail.com –  and we’ll get back to you. The contribution can be a sliding-scale between 4€ and 12€.

What you will get is a download code to access the music, along with massive gratefulness for supporting our work.

Hogwash paint

Hogwash means nonsense. Hog is large pig, we imagine a happy pig in the mud. To live “high off the hog” is to be in prosperous circumstance. When “it all comes out in the wash” that is when IT is revealed and becomes known.

(painting by Barnaby Tree; Photographs by Patrick Beelart; album artwork by Alex Zampini)