Music projects

EBBE (2019)

Ebbe is an improvisation-based album recorded during a concert under a weeping willow tree during the brightest days of the year.

The German word EBBE stands for ‘low tide’.
Tides are the rise and fall of sea levels caused by the combined effects of the gravitational forces exerted by the Moon and the Sun, and the rotation of the Earth. During a low tide, the sea is at its lowest level and its depths become more visible.

Aware that at some point the tide will rise again, I now contemplate the marine treasures, the crabs, shells and sand patterns before they’ll disappear once again.




Apfelsaft is a collection of improvised music pieces live recorded in the frame of various dance festivals in the course of Summer 2018.


Alex Zampini ( Guitars, Props, Electronics)
Barnaby Tree ( Cello, Piano, Vocals)
Charlie Raubel ( Drums, Percussions, Props, Electronics)
Romain De Mesmay ( Viola)
Pipaluk Supernova ( Vocals, Synth)


WOUNDERBAR is a folk-doom sonic bouquet of improvised loop-based solo sessions, recorded during the coldest and darkest days of the year.

It is a concept album on breaking through the sense of abandonment when a loss is experienced, as well as on the process of embracing one’s own grief as a step towards integrity.

HOGWASH (2017)

Recorded in the frame of Contact Meets Contemporary festival in 2017 with Barnaby Tree. Click here for more information about this album.


SAUNA FAUNA is a collection of sonic impressions, live-recorded in the course of Metamorphosis improvisation festival in Järna, Sweden.

For more information click here.


Oslo Ziggurath was an Instant-composition rock orchestra initiated by a collective of musicians based in/passing by Bolzano, Italy. This project is one of the first babies of Phoniric Records.


L’ASCESA (2010)

Prospettiva Cromatica was a sludge heavy-psych band, born in northern Italy in 2006.
The project started as a power trio recording its first EP (Prospettiva Cromatica, 2007 ) and after substantial changes in the lineup, the band finally released its second studio album as a power duet.

Guitars: Daigoro Vitello: | Drums/guitars: Alex Zampini