Dance, Performance, Installations

Internal Fields (2017) is a multimedial performance based on on instant composition. In this case, the score was given by the video projection, which remained unknown to the performers until the set began.

With Anni Lattunen, Maria Rutanen, Gabor Hartyani and Alex Zampini.

Telling Stories (2016) is a performance project by the dancer and choreographer Katja Mustonen with the students of Tanzfabrik in Berlin. It was a pleasure for me to join the 2-months creative process in the studio and be on stage with the group as a musician during the public showing of the piece.

This collective initiates collaborations between Danish and international artists within dance, installation art, music and performance. As I found myself close to their vision, we started a collboration and I became involved in some of their projects, coreographed by the danish artist Pipaluk Supernova.

Sufi Science (2015)
A meeting of modern dancers and musicians from India and Europe, dance installations, workshops, concerts and performance experiments in Copenhagen. More here.


Sailing City (2016)
A project where dancers, musicians and installation artists create events in collaboration with climate scientists, activists and engineers. Within an artistic contexts, we take time to be inspired by, and to debate, paradoxes concerning lifestyle, climate, energy, and the ocean. The ship Hawila, her tall masts, and the surrounding waters, becomes the stage for a progression of floating dance- and art installations, aerial dance, light art and live music.



Dead Dance Zone (2014) is a theatre-dance and music installation project by the coreographer Yolanda Gutièrrez. The piece deals with the concept of death and it takes inspiration by the Mexican celebration day Los dìa de los muertos.
The piece was performed in Kampnagel Theatre, Hamburg on december 2014.