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Something invisible looses its impact on reality as well as its ability to receive consideration from its environment. What are the causes of a viewer’s failure to fully perceive oneself and surroundings simply as they are?


At the beginning of the year 2015, me and the Finnish movement artist Maria Rutanen left to South America for a ten-weeks-long experience across different countries, with the aim of developing a multimedial performance based on a specific itinerant research. The magic word was In=Visible, a theme which we have been exploring in collaboration with the Weave collective, who joined us during the first phase of the artistic process.
Thanks to a successful fundraising campaign we could initiate our quest, based on three steps :

  • Join a month-long creative caravan and meet local artists and memebers of the community across Argentina to explore the theme In=Visible through different medias.
  • Offer a lab in La Paz, Bolivia, with the aim of sharing part of our research with the local art scene and deepening the chosen theme from a somatic, movement-based perspective.
  • Connecting with amazionian medicine people and explore the chosen theme through a neurological and psychosomatic perspective.

The months following the South American phase were dedicated to concretize our research into a multimedial performance called MAYA in the frame of an intensive residency program.

Maya was finally performed at the Lake Studios in Berlin during October 2015.



Sound/Visual: Alex Zampini | Dance: Maria Rutanen | Costume: Mariam McHitar





A brief multimedial exploration moment from the Argentinian research phase in collaboration with members of the local art community.