SAUNA FAUNA – live at Metamorphosis festival

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Last summer I had the privilege of making music at the Metamorphosis Improvisation festival, which took place in the Swedish countryside in an anthroposophical village called J√§rna. The festival’s venue was a Waldorf school surrounded by forest and lakes. To be honest, it looked more like an elf village than an actual institute – which I think is a plus. Meeting the school’s teacher Ulf both confirmed my view on the fucked-upness of the mainstream educational system, as well as it opened the doors of the music room, allowing me to play and experiment with a number of ethnic instruments and ‘infecting’ them with delays and mixed machinery from the depth of hell.

We spent a week there, investigating the possibilities of improvisation in a performative context and leaving room for discussion and on-field experience. Whenever possible, I did join the dance classes, switching from music to dance and challenging my comfort zone. Luckily, the community feeling that we established, allowed whoever dared to take some extra risk.

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Out of the number of music sessions recorded and inspired by both space and bodies in motion, I allowed myself to select some material and produce a little album called SAUNA FAUNA tributing one of the greatest inventions of all times – after pizza, of course. Essentially, this recording is like a synesthetic mosaic, made of tastes and smells, existential questions and phobias , humid celsius degrees and blurry gender-related reflections, hills made of hummus and yeast-based asteroids.

The following tracks are the result of the co-creation of a space made of sounds, bodies and occasional intentions. The invitation is to take these recordings as such, and use them for your own movement practice, regardless you’re dancing in a studio, giving a class or cooking a sweet potatoes soup.



During the week spent at the festival, I had chance to play and experiment with sound sampling, hence don’t feel surprised if the album bangs, bubbles, buzzes, cracks and quacks beyond your expectations.

The album is shared for free by entering my Bandcamp profile right here, however if you wish to support me, you can contribute with a donation. By doing so, I’ll send you a code to get your digital copy of the album, downloadable in multiple formats.

Let me know your thoughts, and how the sound influenced your practice
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