Fake-Guru project

In recent times of political tension, inspired by the social dynamics which allow totalitarian and fundamentalist beliefs to rise, I’ve been questioning the role of the so­called “dispensers of truth” and their impact on the collective.

In 2015 I started a journey across India with the intention of undergoing an artistic investigation on the power dynamics that take place between individuals within the spiritual context. In the course of the four months spent in the subcontinent, I set the goal of observing and experiencing the dynamics between teacher and disciple, visiting a number of religious sites and inventing an own fake religious cult.

Using the concept of fake guru as a poetic trail, I invited performance artists from different backgrounds who I met along the way to embody different phases of the process in a series of site-specific improvisations.


What are the deep causes, which bring one to look for guidance?
What truly motivates some people to put themselves in the position of a master? How reacts the egoic mind during such process?