by Ady Elzam & Alex Zampini
Berlin, November 2016


Improvisation, from the viewpoint of composition, is about taking choices in space and in time. The decisions we take in a moment (time) are meant to create a frame (space) for the dance to happen.
Gathering in a studio together, provides a setting for dance to appear, simply because we are in the same time and space, available to get into a group process.
While a jam is defined as a playful space to explore movement, a class is a setting clearly taken by the facilitator into a specific direction.

In this workshop we intend to create an instant composition setting, where all participants are responsible for what happens in the space, whether we are moving or actively witnessing. We will work with a range of tools, practices and techniques which will help us to improve the ability of making intuitive decisions, composing the space and stay present.
Live music will be an integral element of the practice, aiming to deepen the awareness on the way sound impacts our choice-taking, and how an acoustic stimuli can be actively used within a spatial-temporal context.