Documentary films


Short documentary film on a wonderful group of teenagers and their experiences at Chance Jugendhilfe, a cooperative of social workers which deals with drug-addiction issues nearby Berlin.


The Spinning Blowfish is one of my favourite contemporary fusion bands. A blend of bagpipes, jokes, strings and drums that has been rocking the streets of Edinburgh for over a decade.

I had the honour of working with them on a film that -not without humour- tells the story of the band and illustrates the making of their first studio album: The Mr Tillas Show. Cheepa!


I had the pleasure to meet a group of teenagers from Berlin and to make a mini documentary on their experience as fire artists. Young, clever and sensitive souls, who gave me some inspiring insight about fear and daring.

WEAVE (2013)

At the end of September 2013, fifty professional dancers, actors and performance artists from across the globe came together for one week in a huge abandoned factory building in Brussels. They met and formed a temporary community within which they played, questioned, and performed together in order to explore the interaction of improvisation and community. This was the first of a series of artistic and social experiments called Weave. Here below, some parts of the movie can be viewed. The full version of the movie is available here.

This movie has been done in collaboration with the talented photographer Bea Uhart


Bori is a performance artist from Berlin, who use her body as a tool of self-exploration. Since I know her I’ve been collaborating mostly as filmmaker and musician. The excerpt here above is from a performance she did in 2014, called Borbala Szente is Dead. A longer trailer of the piece can be viewed here.