Duration: 3 hours
Participants: 5-12

An elder without close family members and no longer mentally and physically self-sufficient ends up in a luxury hospice which will become a frame for reflection, contemplation and personal confrontation, as the man finds out to be terminally ill. 

This template has been written with the aim of exploring the idea of getting older and by providing a platform where themes such as impermanence of time, decay of the body-mind, self-acceptance, responsibility, care-taking and death can be reflected upon through immersive theatrical embodiment.

General guidelines:
The roles are split between elders and medical staff, although the dramaturgy will develop mainly around one character (the Elder). The medical staff is responsible for the guest’s experience at the hospice and could easily exercise power over them.
The elder guests, as paying clients, are free of any social responsibility, even though they’re physically and mentally disadvantaged.



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