The core purpose of the ​Karmaoke​ sessions is to create a frame for self-expression and interactive entertainment, while embracing our beautifully imperfect under-the-shower-singing self in a karaoke-inspired setting. This is not just about singing on instrumentals, but a hybrid experience where singing meets improvisation, performance and character design as well.

On a different level, the presence of a conceptual trail offers a frame to work on emotions and personal processes through immersive vocal embodiment and theater in a safe and supportive setting held by an in-character moderator.

Be a pop diva, a metalhead or a your favourite ​chansonnier:​ the only limits are the sky, the duration of the song and the chosen theme.

Karmaoke is an idea of Alex Zampini (2020). The piece premiered on March 30. 2023 at the Haus Der Statistik in Berlin during the Experimentierwochen der Bühnen der Statistik