TRILOKA generates an augmented sonic experience through the interaction of live acoustic and electronic instruments for meditative explorations, silent contemplation and the unfolding of the body-mind in the form of extended sound healing journeys.

Since 2020 the intercultural trio guides an immersive and introspective sound journey by combining the soothing melodies of the acoustic cello, the contemporary and psychedelic sonic sculptures of the effected and processed electric guitar and the grounding frequencies of the gong and singing bowls.

All of that while you comfortably sit or lay down, close your eyes, meditate, dream along or float away in a cozy and safe space.





THREE IMMERSIVE SOUND JOURNEYS ( 05.07 – 17.08 – 12.09 12.10 )
We are pleased to invite you to join TRILOKA in the amazing Genezarethkirche, in the heart of Neukölln, for three different meetings in the course of this Summer.
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The church’s cultural scope was extended by STARTBAHN, a progressive team of theologians and artists who together test the church as a public space, a place for artistic and spiritual experiences as well as for social and socio-political projects, promoting self-organized coexistence in the neighbourhood and shaping cultural and spiritual spaces.
Doors open: 19:00
Meditation into music journey: 19:30
end: 21:30
Herrfurthplatz 14
12049 Berlin
15€ (unemployed)
20€ (regular)
25€ (supporter)
50€ for all three appointments ( pre-registration required)
*In case money represents a big issue, you can write to us.



This is a special event. For more information, detailed program, entry fees, further questions and registration please contact us via info(at)

19:30 Doors open
20:00 Start of the event
23:30 Final Goodbye
Life Artists Creators Hub
Milastraße 4 (4th floor)
10437 Berlin