THE GOO (2023)
It is a collection of live recordings captured three weeks ago in the frame of Nordtanz Festival in Hamburg. The album, featuring me and Nathaniel Damon includes 5,5 hours of uncut improvised pieces ranging from ambient textures, harmonic architectures and upbeat groove sessions, all arose out of the interaction between dance, music and the surrounding space.

EBBE (2019)
Ebbe is an improvisation-based album recorded during a concert under a weeping willow tree during the brightest days of the year. The German word EBBE stands for ‘low tide’.
Tides are the rise and fall of sea levels caused by the combined effects of the gravitational forces exerted by the moon and the sun, and the rotation of the earth. During a low tide, the sea is at its lowest level and its depths become more visible.Aware that at some point the tide will rise again, I now contemplate the marine treasures, the crabs, shells and sand patterns before they’ll disappear once again.



Apfelsaft is a collection of improvised music pieces live recorded in the frame of multiple dance festivals in the course of Summer 2018. The music was made in response to and for the dance.

Alex Zampini ( Guitars, Props, Electronics)
Barnaby Tree ( Cello, Piano, Vocals)
Charlie Raubel ( Drums, Percussions, Props, Electronics)
Romain De Mesmay ( Viola)
Pipaluk Supernova ( Vocals, Synth)


This record is a folk-doom sonic bouquet of improvised loop-based solo sessions, recorded during the coldest and darkest days of the year. It is a concept album on breaking through the sense of abandonment when a loss is experienced, as well as on the process of embracing one’s own grief as a step towards integrity.


HOGWASH (2017)
This music was recorded live at the Contact Meets Contemporary dance festival in 2017.
The music was made in response to and for the dance. The recordings are rough and could be considered unfinished. What completes them is the relationship to dance. We hope that they will be useful and inspirational for further live exploration. With this in mind we often allowed for time in the recording, time for things to evolve, transform or disappear.

Barnaby Tree: Piano/Cello/Voice
Alex Zampini: Guitar/Bass/fx/live sampling


Sauna Fauna is a collection of sound impressions recorded in the course of Metamorphosis improvisation festival in Järna, Sweden in 2017.


A bunch of dancers, movers, musicians, pirates, scientists and activists sailed to Helsingør on an old ship, the Queen “Hawila”, to raise their voice on climate justice.
The musical moments were captured at the Click Festival, Denmark 2015 in a collective site specific performance around the ship Hawila.

Alex Zampini: Guitar/fx
Andy Benz: Double bass/fx
Juan Pino: Percussions//voice/live sampling


L´ASCESA (2010)
L’Ascesa is the second studio work by the Italian band Prospettiva Cromatica. Through its seven-acts development, the band brews an uprising instrumental journey which leaves room for contemplation and catharsis, while being faithful to its heavy-psychedelic matrix.

Daigoro Vitello: guitars
Alex Zampini: drums, guitars


EP (2005)
This four-tracks demo crystallizes  the essence of Prospettiva Cromatica´s early years, as they came together as a power trio for the first time.

Daigoro Vitello: guitars
Federico De Cassan: bass
Alex Zampini: drums