Instant Enlightenment – a Pseudodelic Perspective on Fake Gurus’ Is an irrational investigation on the power dynamics that take place between groups and individuals in a spiritual context. 

In the course of the four-months research spent in the Indian subcontinent, the director set the goal of observing and experiencing the dynamics between teacher and disciple and developing an own fake religious cult.

Using the concept of fake guru as a poetic trail, a number of performance artists from different backgrounds were invited to embody the different phases of the creative process through a series of site-specific improvisations that characterize the synesthetic and non-linear essence of the images. 

Welcome to experience the multifaceted, fractal, anarchic result of a process-oriented journey. A surrealist sculpture made of sound, somatics and more questions.


Instant Enlightenment: a pseudodelic perspective on fake gurus
44:00 – 
India, 2016

Concept, direction, camera, editing: Alex Zampini
Dance: Maria Rutanen, Katja Mustonen, Johan Nilsson, Pipaluk Supernova, Alyssa Lynes, Dolores Marks
Music: Mukhund Dev, Akhilesh Gundecha, C.S. Balasubramanian, Alice Rose, Salafia Ram, Souravbrata Chakraborty, Sito Reno, Alex Zampini, Heikel Bloumkane, Cristina Duarte, Alicia Corrales, Mann Thapa, Eva Esperita Izquierdo.
Performance: Zinn Da, Jonno Katz
Graphic design: Marina Lucchi
Additional cinematography: Tal Alkalay
Additional credits: Pippi Wallin, Ola Jas, Manish Somkuwar, Matieu Parnassie, Alexandra Schwartz, Gita Devi, Steven Piazza, Sahib the Singa, Dina Murillo Puig, Mariana Cavallo, Jules Parker, Carmen Mor, Barbara Bury, Rocio Barboza, Robert Kajstura, Paulus Cibinskas, Prem Kumar, Daphne Kourkoumaki, Naomeh Mercier, Henry Eden, Kate Joyner, Elisa Boetsch Tagle, Josefina Olivares, Loida Exposido