I’m Alex Zampini. I’m a Berlin-based freelance artist, and I create sounds and images on my own or in collaboration with other human beings from different social and cultural ecosystems.
My focus lies on improvisation, especially on the relationship between body, sound and image and as both filmmaker and musician I collaborate with dancers, performance artists, healers and teachers around the world.
I consider art a powerful self-knowledge tool, where I can question aspects of reality and get into a process. My projects are indeed long term process-oriented experiences.

Contaminated by electronic music, space rock as well as by Indian and Western classical traditions, as a musician I perform multi-instrumental sound journeys supported by a colorful set of instruments and props. My approach to music is bidirectional, always nourished by the surroundings which inspire my sound and vice-versa.
As a filmmaker, I don’t steal an image, nor I compose it. I rather resolve it according to my perceptions and share it with others a perspective, another potential truth. When I’m shooting a dancing body I see myself as part of a duet.